If you are even remotely interested in wildlife photography, this new e-zine (electronic magazine) is a must-get purchase. Okay, I do have an article in this month’s issue (and the cover shot!), but that’s not why I’m excited about Wildlife Photographic.

Craig Orr from the U.K. has put together a slick e-zine with articles from some very big names in wildlife photography…
Allan Murphy (famed backyard songbird set up artist)
Juan Pons (Digital Photo Experience podcast)
Sparky Stensaas (Creative Winter Silhouettes)
…wait! I don’t belong in that list.

There are also very cool embedded videos, such as New Zealand wildlife photographer Chris McLennan’s video “Car-L Meets the Lions” in which he built a remote control 4wd platform to mount his camera. He then drove it near Lions in Africa…The results are funny, amazing, and not good news for the poor remote control vehicle!


seo_cw_productSparky’s cover shot os a Bison at dawn in Yellowstone to illustrate my article “Creative Winter Silhouettes” (Converted to sepia)

“Wildlife Photographic is your bimonthly magazine dedicated to wildlife photography. Providing tips, tricks and inspiration to photographers, while enjoying the amazing beauty of wildlife across the globe.

Thanks to Apple’s amazing newsstand platform, we can feature not only great articles, but also video and interactive content as well. Viewing magazines has never been so enjoyable!

While our main focus is on photography, at Wildlife Photographic we love and respect the animals we share our planet with. With this in mind, each month we put the spotlight on different nature conservation orginizations working to preserve wildlife and their habitats.

Subscribe to Wildlife Photographic and receive a huge saving of 25% off the cover price.

Wildlife Photographic Subscription Available:
A single issue for $3.99 (non-subscription)
Bimonthly subscription for $2.99 (every two months), automatically
renewed every two months until canceled

Currently this e-zine is only available through Apple’s iTunes for the iPhone and iPad.