My good friend Chris Evavold recently took his oldest daughter, Isabella, on a trip of a lifetime. And my Canon 400mm lens got to go too! In late October, they took off and drove far up into Manitoba and then caught the train to Churchill on Hudson Bay. They spent four days searching out the great Wapusk (Cree word for White Bear) and other arctic wildlife, even spending some time at the Northern Studies Center. Chris recently got a Canon 7D but did not yet have a long telephoto. I lent him mine. Here are some of Chris’s Polar Bear images from their trip.

The “Tundra Buggy” allows visitors close access to Polar Bears without harming the tundra itself…And it’s tall enough to keep bears from coming through the windows!

Chris is a high school science teacher in Esko, Minnesota. He also manufactures and designs racing dog sleds that have been used in the John Beargrease and Iditarod Dog Sled Races. You can see his sleds here: Black River Sleds

If Chris writes up a trip report, I will post it here.

All images by Chris Evavold