Sagebrush & Wooden Ships: Mobridge & Western South Dakota in History

From Lewis & Clark to Old Ironsides to Sitting Bull

by Benjamin Thompson (with Scott Thompson)

**This is a much expanded (about 70 added pages) version of Mobridge in History. Eight entirely new chapters!

Beautiful large format hardcover book (10 inches by 10 inches) that covers the amazing history of western South Dakota including Mobridge. Fascinating chapters on Lewis and Clark, Sitting Bull (the author’s grandfather was one of his pall bearers), Mountain Man Hugh Glass’s grizzly attack and survival crawl, early Norwegian settlers, early road building on the prairie, the Yellowstone Trail, and much more. Stunning full-page reproductions by South Dakota’s most famous artist; Harvey Dunn give a real sense of pioneer life. You won’t be able to put this book down!

Did you Know?…A famous battle took place only a few miles from Mobridge on an island in the Missouri

Did you Know?…The Yellowstone Trail has its origins in South Dakota.

Did you Know?…The Grizzly attack on mountain man Hugh Glass and his famous “crawl to safety,” happened in present-day South Dakota

Did you Know?…Mobridge settler T.J. Thompson was one of Sitting Bull’s pall bearers

Did you Know?…The restored 1907 Mobridge State Bank is one of only a handful of metal-clad banks in the country

Loads of fascinating history that you’ve never heard before

Western South Dakota and Mobridge’s place in world and national events

Stunning paintings by reknowned western artists Tom Lovell and Frank McCarthy

Special section on South Dakota’s most famous painter, Harvey Dunn, with 8 pages of full-page full color reproductions.

Gallery of beautiful landscape photos by the author

Stone Ridge Press/Benj Books

ISBN: 978-0-9909158-9-8

168 pages

29 chapters

Over 200 color photos, paintings and maps

10 x 10 in.


Meet the Author… Benjamin Thompson (New Hope, Minnesota) Ben was born and raised in Mobridge, South Dakota. He is the son of Thomas J. “Tommy” Thompson and Hazel Monthey Thompson, and the grandson of T.J. Thompson, Sr., one of Mobridge’s earliest settlers. After a three-year stint in the U.S. Coast Guard, where he served in San Juan Puerto Rico and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, he received his pharmacy degree from South Dakota State University and went on to a long career, retiring after 33 years at Minneapolis’s North Memorial Hospital in 2001. During a three-year project, Ben moved and restored the 1907 Mobridge State Bank, one of only a few historic metal-clad banks in the country. Ben lives in New Hope, Minnesota with his wife, Mae Lou.