Mammals of the North Woods

Written by Roger & Consie Powell

ISBN-13: 978-1-936571-09-3

Kollath-Stensaas Publishing



8 1/4 x 4 1/2 inches vertical

208 pages

250-plus color photos

A New Addition to the North Woods Naturalist Guides…

From the massive Moose to the miniscule mole, 68 species of North Woods mammals are described in vivid detail by mammalogist Roger Powell of Ely, Minnesota. Roger is a Professor Emeritus of North Carolina State University with a broad range of expertise from Black Bears to Fishers to weasels. All native (and introduced species) are covered from Lynx to Least Chipmunk, from Wolf to Woodland Jumping Mouse, and Snowshoe Hare to Short-tailed Shrew.  Every page will provide an “Aha” moment and an exclamation of “I didn’t know that!” You thought you knew our northern mammals …until you read this book!

Book Features

  • Range Maps for all species
  • Loads of fun “Oh, cool!” natural history facts
  • Complete coverage of all 68 species
  • Viewing tips on how to best see the critters

Meet the author…

Roger Powell (Ely, Minnesota)

  • Roger is Professor Emeritus of North Carolina State University
  • He is the author of The Fisher: Life History, Ecology & Behavior
  • 40-plus years of field work
  • Studied Black Bears for 20 years
  • Working on project to return Fishers to the Sierra Nevada Mountains of northern California