Public comments are being accepted until November 24, 2023 on the possibility of Wild (Feral) Horses being eliminated or severely reduced in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

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These are the comments I made to the National Park Service:

“I am from the Duluth, Minnesota area but have Visited Teddy Roosevelt MANY times over the last 43 years. Some of my most MEMORABLE experiences had to do with the WILD HORSES. I am a wildlife photographer, videographer, author, naturalist, YouTuber. I am also the Executive Director of a land preservation non-profit.

Watching the behavior of different bands of horses is a mesmerizing experience. We once saw two stallions have a wild clash. And these are just simply stunning animals with a myriad of colors.

I refuse to call these horses “Feral.” They are WILD! And if you’ve ever had the fortune to sit and watch their behavior, you’d agree. These horses have survived in this harsh environment for many decades. 

A “feral” animal is a dog that has ran away and lives on its own for part of its lifetime. These horses have been wild and free for generations. Teddy Roosevelt himself even noted their presence in the area!

From my understanding, their presence DOES NOT AFFECT BISON. This may be an excuse used by some to eliminate the horse herds.

They are part of the COLORFUL HISTORY of Teddy Roosevelt National Park and as such deserve a permanent home here. 

I have NO PROBLEM with MANAGING the herd for inbreeding and health, but to reduce their numbers to such low levels will only increase problems with herd genetics.

Please, please, please consider eliminating this plan and concentrate on CREATING A HEALTHY  HERD AND SAVING A FOREVER HOME FOR WILD HORSES IN TEDDY ROOSEVELT.

Submitted respectfully…

Sparky Stensaas