This truly comprehensive Minnesota birding guide is a must for every birder and bird photographer visiting the state. It is a county-by-county guide to over 1400 birding locations and lavishly illustrated with over 180 color bird photos and nearly 100 detailed maps. An exhaustive annotated list to all 447 of Minnesota’s bird species even contains valuable field identification tips. It is easy to use and just by scanning one of the many QR codes you can access maps of specific birding locations.

—Comprehensive bird-finding guide to all 87 counties

—Completely revised Fifth Edition 

—Over 1,400 locations highlighted

—Annotated List of Minnesota’s 447 bird species 

—Identification tips for the trickiest field problems

—Color photos of 170 of the state’s most iconic bird species 

—QR codes link directly to detailed location maps

—Checklists for Minnesota’s “non-bird” wildlife

—Seasonal maps for the best birding sites by region

—Online database with updates to keep this guide current


Author Bio:

“Kim Eckert’s interest in birding was sparked in the Chicago area during a 10th-grade biology class – the only biology course he would ever take. He became an English major at St. John’s University in Minnesota and then taught English (with some first-year French on the side) during the 1970s. But he turned to a career in birding after moving to Duluth, Minnesota in 1977, where he served as Naturalist at Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve (for a total of 20 years), taught bird identification classes for a decade, and started leading birding tours (including 30 years with Victor Emanuel Nature Tours). In 1986, he created the Minnesota Birding Weekends & Weeks program of tours throughout Minnesota and elsewhere in the U.S. and Canada, which is now in its 37th season. In addition, Kim has written numerous articles for The Loon and other publications, plus Birding By Hindsight, a compilation of The Loon’s series of 70 bird ID articles, and four previous editions of A Birder’s Guide to Minnesota.

After 45 years, he still lives in Duluth…where he muses about the Great Plains, prefers not to take anything too seriously, finds joy in not knowing where he is going, reminisces about the times with Bob and Panda…and thinks about things.”

A Birder’s Guide to Minnesota

A County-by-County Guide to Over 1400 Birding Locations

5th Edition


wire-O binding

$34.95 Retail

($17.47 wholesale)

8×10 inches

472 pages

full color with photos

Author: Kim Richard Eckert