Coming home from work today I saw a small group of gawkers gazing up into a large Cottonwood tree. Now I was in the middle of “suburban” Superior, Wisconsin (a town of 30,000 folks). So being a gawker myself, I decided to pull over and see what was happening. There wouldn’t be this much interest in a cat up a tree, I thought to myself. And sure enough, it was a spectacle much better than a crying kitty, it was a family of Black Bears, a momma and two cubs. According to the homeowners, the bears had been up there all day. And they seemed like they’d been up there all day; Bear poop littered the sidewalk along with branches and leaves; And they seemed bored. One cub was chewing on a leafy branch as if it was a tasty morsel. Folks came and left. It was a carnival mood. People were having fun. Camera phones were held up high to snap a memory of the bears in the trees.