Spiders of the Carolinas

Written by: L.L. “Chick” Gaddy

This handy book is your field guide to the most common and fascinating spiders of North Carolina and South Carolina. It includes amazing facts, superb color photos, detailed information and much more! South Carolina naturalist/researcher/author L. L.“Chick” Gaddy will introduce you to 100 species of spiders including the huge Carolina Wolf Spider, the poisonous Black Widow, the colorful Basilica Spider, and the bizarre Spinybacked Orbweaver.

  • The Trapdoor Spider actually creates a hidden door from which it pounces on unsuspecting prey.
  • Amazingly, birds have been trapped in the giant webs of Golden Silk Orbweavers.
  • Goldenrod Crab Spiders can change color to match the flower they sit on!

Over 200 color photos
208 pages/softcover


Retail $18.95

ISBN 978-0-9792006-3-2