Awesome Autwin: A Look at the Season Bridging Autumn & Winter

by Larry Weber  (same author as the best selling Butterflies of the North Woods, Spiders of the North Woods, Fascinating Fungi of the North Woods)

“AutWin” is the name I have given to a season of its own. It is the time after the leaves have fallen from the trees, up until a lasting snowfall covers the forest floor and the recently dropped leaves. Some refer to this time as the autumn interlude, and some call this time “Finter.”

“It can be as short as a couple of weeks—maybe even just one week—or as much as a month or more. I expect AutWin to be from about October 20th, when the leaf drop is mostly over and the landscape has opened up, until about November 20th….I call this time AutWin since it has features of both Autumn and Winter…”


Stone Ridge Press

ISBN: 978-0-9760313-9-0

86 pages



6×9 inches vert.

200+ color photos

Meet the Author…

Larry Weber was a science teacher for more than 40 years, and received the Minnesota Secondary Science Teacher of the Year and the National Biology Teacher Association’s Middle School Life Science Teacher of the Year awards. He has a weekly radio phenology program, a phenology column for a local newspaper and is one of the founders of the Minnesota Phenology Network. Larry taught University for Seniors for several years and also teaches many Minnesota Master Naturalist courses. His other books in this series include Web Watching and In a Patch of Goldenrods. He is also the author of Butterflies of the North Woods, Spiders of the North Woods, Fascinating Fungi of the North Woods (Kollath-Stensaas Publishing), Backyard Almanac (Stone Ridge Press) and Webwood: Seasons of Life in the North Woods and Minnesota Phenology (Northstar Press). Larry lives on an old farmstead in Carlton County, Minnesota where daily walks keep him in tune with the phenology of our northern flora and fauna.