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Amazing Agates: Lake Superior’s Banded Gemstone

Written by: Scott F. Wolter
Illustrated by: Rick Kollath

Between the covers of Amazing Agates you’ll discover everything you’ve always wanted to know about Lake Superior’s banded gemstone. Mr. Agate himself, Scott Wolter, will highlight all types of agates, explain features within individual agates and give a brief history of the largest, most famous Lake Superior agates. Scott will even share his best picking locations with you. Ever wonder what your prize agate would rate? Check out the pioneering Scale of Value. Delightfully detailed illustrations by Rick Kollath show every agate, agate type and feature talked about in the book.

  • Dozens of illustrations explain how Lake Superior agates formed
  • Picking locations revealed
  • Equipment for agate picking explained
  • How best to display your finds
  • Scott’s Scale of Value helps rate your agates
  • Find out how stone age man used agates
  • History of the most famous Lakers
  • Imposters exposed! What is NOT an agate

90 illustrations and photos
36 pages/softcover


Retail $9.95

ISBN 978-0-9792006-9-4